day 1918

July 31, 2009

day 1918
I stepped in the room
and wondered at the stories
all contained therein


day 1917

July 30, 2009

day 1917
father and daughter,
both crouched down on the cool sand,
looking for “right” rocks

day 1916

July 29, 2009

day 1916
as if the incline
wasn’t enough, it had rocks,
roots, and rain-worn ruts

Photo taken post-10.8 mile trail ride at New Fane trailhead, Northern Kettle Moraine, near Kewaskum. ¬†Getting ready for Sunday’s WORS race at Crystal Ridge, Franklin. ¬†More info here.DSC_5975

day 1915

July 28, 2009

day 1915
kept my center low,
my legs pumping, confident
I could beat the hill

day 1914

July 27, 2009

day 1914
yeah for public parks!
Seen from the reservoir’s peak:
all green Milwaukee

day 1913a/b

July 24, 2009

day 1913a
little kids picking
sand up in plastic buckets,
laughing as it’s dumped

day 1913b
flags and tree branches,
their movements serve as portents –
forecasting weather

day 1912

July 23, 2009

day 1912
It’s just nine-oh-two,
and I’ve run with my wife, moved
some plants, sent emails