day 2142

July 30, 2010
day 2142
an abstract pattern
evolving on the concrete
as the rain begins


July 28, 2010
day 2141
my friend needs your help.
go buy a t-shirt, and help
Cigelske rebuild
SAVE Teecycle,
and still more about Teecycle at MidwestEditorialPhoto

day 2140

July 27, 2010
day 2140
seen at an angle,
the dust/non-dust could describe
my walking habits

day 2139 and the inspiring branch

July 26, 2010
day 2139
above the pond’s edge
an all-too-near tree branch housed
fishing line, bobbers

day 2138

July 22, 2010
day 2138
“I need to ask you…”
and pointed out her ear-rings,
how they didn’t match

day 2137

July 21, 2010
day 2137
hanging from the vine,
new to my eyes, yellow beans,
beaded by the spray

day 2136

July 20, 2010
day 2136
I pressed the metal,
feeling it scrape ‘cross the wood,
watched the paint peel back