day 2159

August 31, 2010
day 2159
stepped through the doorway,
felt the humidity’s weight
and hurried back in

day 2158 and the inspiring dress

August 30, 2010
day 2158
near the train station,
an abandoned bridesmaid dress
hung from a street sign
Went back this evening and someone had moved the dress a bit…

day 2157

August 27, 2010
day 2157
sometimes I’m amazed,
at my inability
to see what’s right there

day 2156

August 26, 2010
day 2156
I stepped out the door,
felt the chill of coming Fall,
and picked up my pace

day 2155

August 25, 2010
day 2155
laid down on the ground,
feeling the concrete’s coolness,
as I caught my breath

day 2154

August 24, 2010
day 2154
sat at the table,
flipped through pages while eating,
and then back to work

day 2153

August 23, 2010
day 2153
I lifted my arms,
felt them shake, realizing
how tough push-ups are