day 2195 (He Said, She Said-election haiku)

October 28, 2010

Rachel’s haiku

Are we what we say?

Democracy. A tall tale?

It’s their will – not yours.

day 2195

I want to believe

politicians are better

than the ads they run


day 2194

October 27, 2010

day 2194

“I don’t know,” she said,

“what to do,” wiping a tear.

It’s fine to not know

day 2193

October 26, 2010


day 2193

understanding none

of what was being said, still

I enjoyed its sound


day 2192

October 26, 2010


day 2192

from the overpass,

I could see shafts of sunlight

breaking through the clouds


day 2191

October 21, 2010


day 2191

seated as strangers,

we all chatted, finding points

through which we were joined


day 2190

October 20, 2010


day 2190

waiting for the bus,

holding a large hanging plant,

he looked down the street


day 2189

October 19, 2010


day 2189

in the clear water,

a white-yellow plume as dirt

mixes in the stream