day 2250

January 31, 2011
day 2250
despite the blowing
our neighbor was still outside
cleaning his sidewalk


January 28, 2011
day 2249
though his hair was white,
his mustache, from years of smoke,
was dirty, yellowed

day 2248

January 27, 2011
day 2248
I walked into Burke’s;
various scents competed
for my attention

day 2247

January 26, 2011
day 2247
though we’ve not spoken
I know people I’d call ‘friend’
if we ever met

day 2246

January 25, 2011
day 2246
I was distracted,
couldn’t focus on my work,
I wanted to RUN

More Running In The Snow, With Photos

January 22, 2011

Went out for a run this morning and this time took along my camera to document my “winter run”. This was a typical course for me: about 3 miles, on the Hank Aaron Trail, and a little bit “off-road”. ¬†Enjoy!

Photos shot with a Nikon D60.

Here are the stats that my miCoach recorded of my heart-rate as I ran. I’m not sure what that spike towards the end is, but it was a tough workout on a cold day, so I’m glad I finished as fast as I did.

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day 2245

January 20, 2011

day 2245
looked at the email,
read it again, grabbed my phone
quickly called the bank