day 2269

February 28, 2011
day 2269
with a few false starts,
I struggle for a topic,
but can’t find focus

Troy’s Book Club: “Black Like Me”

February 27, 2011

Yesterday I finished reading “Black Like Me“, by John Howard Griffin, 1960 (2nd edition 1977). This book was suggested by an interesting gentleman who I’ve never actually met, The Bus Bandit. This book is one white Texan journalist’s journey through the Deep South as a black man. Through some skin creams, sun-lamps, and medication, this journalist managed to change his skin’s pigmentation enough for him to pass as a black man.  He then travelled through Louisiana, Mississippi and other southern states, recording his experiences in a journal.

“Black Like Me” is a simple read; a high-schooler, or even a junior-high student, would have no trouble comprehending it. Heck, I bet it would do MOST people some good to read. Check your library, see if they have it, and then read it.

Here is a quote from the 2nd edition’s 1977 epilogue (italics added):

“…We led strange, hidden lives. We were advocating only one thing: that this country rid itself of the racism that prevented some citizens from living as fully functioning men and as a result dehumanized all men.
We were advocating only that this country live up to its promises to all citizens. But since racism always hides under a respectable guise—-usually the guise of patriotism and religion—a great many people loathed us for knocking holes in these respectable guises.”

John Howard Griffin, from the epilogue of “Black Like Me”, 1960

Day 2268

February 26, 2011
day 2268
I kneeled in the snow,
tried to synchronize myself
with the trees and breeze

day 2267 (#WIunion edition)

February 25, 2011
no matter what’s done,
there’s only one option and
that’s to move Forward

Pride of Milwaukee: Milwaukeeans Moved to Action, part 2

February 24, 2011

Part 1

Part 3

day 2266

February 22, 2011
day 2266
drifting beside me,
a diminutive bubble
made of dishwater

day 2265/day 2262

February 20, 2011
day 2265
a World War Two vet,
he forgets we’ve met; each time
“When did YOU move in?”
  • and, from Feb 16, day 2262:

day 2262
the duck flapped his wings,
shook his head, throwing water
in the morning’s light