The First Week of Haiku: Nov. 2002

July 28, 2011

I started this project in 2002 as a way to give myself “nearly daily” mental exercise, as I was trying to give myself “nearly daily” physical exercise. I thought it would be fun to look back to the beginning of the project (which has no defined End, just whenever I feel like stopping).

For your edification….Week One, November 2002

– – – – –

day 1  (11-9-02)

the sky goes slate grey

what weather comes for this night?

leaves leave the trees quick.

– – – – –

day 2

insistent bass, moves

my two hands on the keyboard

feet tap to rhythm

– – – – –

day 3

snow and rain fall down

we are in a time of change

it is one constant

– – – – –

day 4

hearts and windows, hmmm

simple they seem, but at times

murky and unclear

– – – – –

day 5

music and light move

through the air, through my body

grasping them is joy

– – – – –

day 6

I look out the pane

seek a muse to make me move

what will speak today?

– – – – –

day 7

how huge night can be,

a place for fear or wonder,

hold tight or walk strong



day 2400a/b, and other people’s haikus too

July 28, 2011
Today marks the “official” two-thousand-four-hundredth day of writing haikus for me. I began writing haikus in November 2002. So, it’s taken me a while to get to Day 2400, but here it is; enjoy!
Day 2400a
at the Roman Coin,
rain lightly falling outside,
we talked ’bout art, life
– – – – – –
Day 2400b
lightning from the storm
illuminated my room,
and I thought of Rach

day 2399

July 27, 2011
day 2399
staring intently,
a nearly-finished cross-word,
coffee-cup in hand

day 2398

July 26, 2011
day 2398
breakfast at Benji’s –
besides me, the cook, server,

the place was empty

day 2397

July 25, 2011
day 2397
I lifted the shoes
out of the box, resolving
to get pedaling

Day 2396

July 24, 2011
day 2396
I heard their stories,
and tried to imagine sounds
and sights from years past

day 2395

July 22, 2011
day 2395
I hurried across
the street, to beat the traffic,
avoid the rain