Day 2565, via the haikubes

My friend Maurice gave me a gift some weeks ago. Today I flexed it for the first time. The gift is called “haikubes” – it’s a game for when you’re seeking inspiration. Roll the cubes, see a topic, build a poem. The prompt revealed by the cubes was “my romantic life.” Yeah…that’s a topic I needed to think about…anywho, here’s what I came up with.

(if you’d like to get some haikubes of your own – here, go buy from a local bookstore: Next Chapter!

– – – – –

Day 2565
many dead leaves for
our promises…a journey
calls for its partner

2 Responses to Day 2565, via the haikubes

  1. ems80301 says:

    What a neato gift and idea! Yay! Ah, Maurice. Please do give him my love and my best. 🙂 Thinking of you and Maurice. ~Erika

  2. cuck0o says:

    Gonna get me some.
    play ‘gaisnt ol’ devil writers block
    and playin for keeps!

    Thanks Troy

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