continued adjustments: divorce

not being married

means removing my address

from Tiffany’s list


4 Responses to continued adjustments: divorce

  1. cuck0o says:

    Love this one.
    Makes you go,
    Yeah, takin sides sucks,
    Who’s Tiffany?,
    was she part of the reason?,
    Is she capitalised for grammar or significance?

    Its so complete and yet asks so many questions.
    The reader has so much to play with here.
    Love this one.

    • troyfreund says:

      Well, as my wife liked shiny things, I was on Tiffany’s mailing list, as in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Just got a new catalog in the mail the other day and it just made me realize I need to be removed from that mailing list, cuz it only makes me think of her.

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