Day 2725

September 27, 2012
Day 2725
I arrived early
requested a small favor
a little surprise

Day 2724

September 26, 2012

Day 2724
when I took some time
to look at the past few weeks
I saw much achieved

Day 2723a/b

September 24, 2012
Day 2723a
split-second rainbows
in the spray behind the cars
late afternoon rain
Day 2723b
we ventured forward
hands on the rough stone, bending
to fit through the spaces

Day 2722

September 20, 2012
Day 2722
I reached out my arm
stretched out my opposite leg
tried to keep balanced

Day 2721

September 19, 2012
Day 2721
I opened the door
and witnessed dried leaves and seeds
dropping from the trees

Day 2720

September 18, 2012
Day 2720
though the breeze was warm,
I could sense the change coming
the storm approaching.

Day 2719

September 16, 2012
Day 2719
a flush of sparrows
behind the cat-tails, sun-edged,
and gone in a flash