Troy’s Book Club: The Story of O

With the fervor that “Fifty Shades of Grey” sent across the reading-world, it has been near impossible to avoid learning something about that book in the past few months. What I have learned is that the general public is a lot more kinky that it would like to let on. What I’ve also learned is that while the book is quite titillating and has been even optioned for a movie, it really isn’t that good of a book, at least from a writing standpoint, as many people have opined. A recent tweet from Richard Branson mentioned the book, and that if one really wanted to read erotic fiction, that person ought to check out the “classics”, suggesting the work of Reage, which led me to “The Story of O”.

“The Story of O” is plot-wise about a young woman’s transformation as she travels along a BDSM relationship with her lover. She is a submissive, doing whatever her lover asks of her, and as the pages pass, his requests of O get further and further from an “everyday” relationship. As O agrees to every request, it made me wonder what O would be like, what motivates that feeling of “whatever you want”, and if in that devotion, O loses all sense of herself, or if that offering up is a revelation of who O really is.

“The Story of O” is well-written, the sex scenes brief – descriptive but not uselessly explicit. Much of the book is about the thoughts and actions O has as she goes through these changes. It isn’t often I feel concerned about the decisions characters make in a book, but I did feel concerns about O’s actions and what they meant for her “as a person.” An interesting book, but not an example of erotica that I would classify as an exceptional turn-on or anything like that.

I read a copy of this book that I got from the Milwaukee Public Library.


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