Day 2783

Day 2783

I asked the students –
What do you write poems about?
“I write about love”


One Response to Day 2783

  1. I really like this one. I had a haiku blog, tried writing one haiku per day, but lost about 10 of my haiku to the ether of cyberspace…recently was able to retrieve some of my haiku using the Wayback Machine and am starting up my haiku blog again. I was looking for a haiku web-ring — do you know if there is one? I enjoy reading other people’s haiku. I just love the form. It’s a lot of fun and a challenge – like a little puzzle I can work in my mind throughout the day. I do have some multi-stanza haiku, but not like the guy Freeman Ng you mention in your post below…mine are several haiku to make up one poem, which is stretching the form a bit, but…you know.

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