Troy’s Book Club: two kinda trashy novels

Recently I’d wanted to mix-up my reading a bit, with some books I had little knowledge of, and something I wouldn’t feel bad about if I didn’t finish. Earlier this year, I volunteered at the annual benefit book-sale of Literacy Services of WI. To show their appreciation, all of us volunteers got to grab a small bagful of books, if we were interested.

Besides some “John Carter of Mars” novels, I also grabbed a couple that looked like they were trashy enough I’d want to read them, but bad enough I wouldn’t want to actually pay for them. “What’s a Girl Gotta Do?“, by Sparkle Hayter, described its main character as a “spunky, sexy, slightly-rumpled, 3rd-string report in Rita Hayworth’s body.” A journalism-based murder-mystery? Sign me up. “Finishing Touches”, by Thomas Tessier, had “Beyond obsession to the depths of human horror…” on the cover. Well, that was intriguing enough, too. So, in a little over two weeks, I chewed through these two paperbacks.

I bounced from a newsroom murder-mystery one night to an erotic, slow-burn horror story the next night. Suffice to say, both books distracted and entertained me in different ways.


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