Troy’s Book Club: This Is Your Captain Speaking

“This Is Your Captain Speaking”, by Jon Methven, reminded me a bit of some of the Tom Robbins novels I’ve read – -quirky protagonists, a fantastic reality, a fast-moving narrative, and lots of plot turns. This novel features a TV gossip columnist obligated to be a ventriloquist, a high-powered PR executive, a reality-TV show producer, an unpredictable airline pilot, and a black-market semen trafficker. Yep, you read that right.

The plot is jumpstarted by a plane’s landing in the Hudson River and the good-looking crew’s rescue of the good-looking passengers. This event that could have been tragic, but instead turned out miraculous, slowly begins to unravel…did the plane really crash? Was it meant to crash? Who was the passenger in the back row? What happened to the old lady’s puppy?

This was a fun, light read and for a first novel, is hopefully the start of a respectable , long career for Jon Methven. I really enjoyed the book and if you’d like to track it down, Boswell Books can get it for you!


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