Troy’s Book Club: Warm Bodies

I tell you, lately I’m chewing through books like a zombie through a slow-moving person’s muscle mass.


The latest book I’ve finished is “Warm Bodies” by Isaac Marion. I picked up this book months ago, unaware that a movie version of it was just hitting the big screen. I put this book on my “to read” shelf, ¬†forgot it was there, eventually saw the movie version a few weeks ago, and then realized I had the book here waiting for me!

This easy-to-read, aimed-at-the-Twilight-crowd of readers was actually pretty neat. It took the very popular concept of a “zombie apocalypse” and mixed in a cross-cultural romance with it. The plot is thus: what happens when a zombie boy falls for a Living girl? And even more significantly, how does that affect the zombie catastrophe?

This book adds some new ideas to the zombie genre and was a pretty fun read. It is a bit darker than the movie, and I appreciated that – it gave more depth to the characters. The book does have some funny aspects too, as I tried to imagine the zombie “community” as they shamble around the ruined airport that they made their home.

Find it at Boswell Books here or the Milwaukee Public Library here.


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