Day 2913

July 31, 2013
Day 2913
as we parted ways,
after good conversation,
she gave me cookies



Day 2912

July 30, 2013
Day 2912
I bent down, held on
to the handlebars tightly,
and pumped my legs hard

Day 2911

July 29, 2013

Day 2911
to my right, a mom
is helping her son to read,
while drinking coffee

Day 2910a/b

July 28, 2013
Day 2910a
beneath clouds, beside
the river, I was exposed
and it felt alright
day 2910b
burgers and nachos,
her saying, “when I look back
I see the red flags.”

Day 2909

July 27, 2013
Day 2909
we talked easily
and covered many topics;
it’s getting normal.

day 2908

July 26, 2013
Day 2908
I wrote up the plan –
what exhibitions to see
on Gallery Night

Day 2907

July 25, 2013
Day 2907
in a few seconds,
our legs were well-soaked with dew
from the tall grasses