Guest haiku: anonymous

A new friend of mine has been closing her emails to me with haikus and they have been most excellent! So, with her only requirement be that I not reveal her identity – think of her as a “Haiku Super-Hero” – I present for your enjoyment, some really nice haikus…

+ + + + +

Gingham print aprons
edged with rickrack remind
me of my mother
= = = = =
Marvel hero, a
small plastic vigilante
produces laughter
 = = = = =
Trampled, wilted, torn,
imperfect flowers have their
own kind of beauty
= = = = =
Rain in the forecast,
beautiful weather taunts me
as I pack my things

= = = = =
Nothing is harder
than growing up on a farm
it gets under your skin
= = = = =
fair skin always burns
even when blocked by the shade
leaving tiny freckles
= = = = =
faded photos of
places, strangers, tempt me to
recreate my past
= = = = =

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