Day 2967

October 31, 2013

Day 2967
I turned off the car,
and just sat for a moment,
hearing the rain drops


Day 2966a/b

October 30, 2013
Day 2966a
at the laundromat,
saw an old couple, hoped they’d
been folding sheets for years
Day 2966b
leaves silently fell,
their descent soundtracked by an
unseen violin

Day 2965

October 29, 2013
Day 2965
needed reminder:
a home-made meal is better
than fast-food, always

Day 2965

October 26, 2013
Day 2964
though I couldn’t talk,
and couldn’t easily see,
my costume looked good

Day 2963

October 23, 2013
Day 2963
looked at the paintings,
wondered about the stories
embedded in oils

Day 2962

October 22, 2013
Day 2962
I sat there alone,
watched the women take the stage,
share their ideas

Day 2961/day 2960

October 21, 2013
Day 2960
two officers ran
down the steps to their squad-car,
and lit the cherries.
– – – – –
Day 2961
at the small table,
with daylight diminishing,
it seemed a symbol