day 3070

April 30, 2014
day 3070
the news slipped at lunch,
and Tim said, “I didn’t know
that you didn’t know.”

day 3069

April 29, 2014
Day 3068
I’m in the board room,
turned into a studio,
for this photo-shoot

day 3067/day 3068

April 28, 2014
Day 3068
I remind myself,
don’t get drawn in too quickly,
just take your dang time
Day 3067
the crowded lobby,
filled with high-school musicians
and nervous parents

guest haiku: anonymous

April 25, 2014

A friend shared with me this haiku they wrote, and I’m sharing it (with their permission) with you!


Deadline imminent;
procrastination, dear friend,
please find another

day 3066

April 25, 2014

Day 3066
attention focused,
as he stood at the window,
smoothing the poster

day 3065

April 23, 2014
Day 3065
 I just kept moving,

over sticks and rocks; trying

to steady my breath

day 3064

April 22, 2014
Day 3064
having to accept
that something is close, but not
close enough, is hard