day 3089

May 29, 2014

day 3089
the voice in my ear
urged me; I increased my pace,
dancing cross the earth


day 3088, and a response

May 28, 2014
day 3088
feeling a little
rudderless; needing the stars
to show me the way


And not long after this haiku, my brother Kyle responded with a reference to this haiku and Day 3085:

Put your rudder down
and follow the birds and do
whatever they do.

day 3087

May 27, 2014
day 3087
cracks in the concrete
were fortuitously filled
with fallen blossoms

day 3086

May 25, 2014
day 3086
I held the hammer,
then deciding the better,
grabbed an old t-shirt
I covered the mouse,
carried it upstairs, released
it into the woods

day 3085

May 24, 2014
day 3085
I wonder, the birds,
are they as joyful, flying,
as I imagine?

day 3084

May 23, 2014
day 3084
the ride south was fun;
the ride north though, was uphill –
seemingly endless


day 3083

May 22, 2014
day 3083
dust motes swirling and
I think, “ain’t that the whole deal,
there in that sunbeam”