day 3106

June 30, 2014
day 3106
I tried to move them,
to share energy with them,
and to help them see

day 3105

June 29, 2014
day 3105
we started jogging,
quickly finding the pace where
we could run and talk


day 3103, day 3104

June 25, 2014
day 3104
A discarded book,
Left unread, on an on-ramp,
Seems a metaphor
day 3103
in a split-second,
the crowd’s confidence, volume
diminished greatly

day 3102

June 22, 2014
day 3102
I ate some pizza,
felt antsy; the sun was out,
so I ran five miles

day 3100, day 3101

June 19, 2014

day 3100
saw the rain falling,
imagining the system
moving ‘round the state


day 3101
beneath the surface
of the water, edged my foot
forward carefully

day 3099

June 17, 2014
day 3099
beneath the window,
I laid in bed, listening
to the storm outside

day 3098

June 16, 2014
day 3098
the screen before me, 
its wonders were no match for 
the stars above me