day 3121

July 30, 2014
day 3121
a thin cowgirl shirt,
a leopard-print bra beneath,
tattoo beneath that

day 3120

July 29, 2014
day 3120
my run strategy
is simple: you can go slow,
you just cannot stop

day 3119

July 28, 2014
day 3119
I tell you this truth –
in seventeen syllables
can MUCH fun be had

Troy’s Book Club: Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

July 25, 2014

Reading any Tom Robbins novel is always an experience. He’s a talented, creative, screwball-sort-of writer. The premises of his stories, the characters that populate them – Robbins definitely applies effort to come with some very interesting situations. “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” certainly fits his mold – there’s a muse-like beauty with a very specific physical attribute who serves as the main character, a missing flock of migratory birds, a ranch taken over by a bunch of rowdy cowgirls, a hill-top shaman, and an approaching-unprofessional therapist. All the characters are well-realized and described. Their story arcs all get proper attention. There’s philosophy, history, mythology, the end of the world, the birth of a new world – as with any good story, no character is the same at the end as they were at the beginning.

One of my favorite parts of Robbins’ writing is the way be plays with words. He comes up with some mighty unusual, wholly appropriate, out-of-left-field analogies and turns-of-phrase…

– “Even the springs, tattletales by nature, resisted all temptation to squeak.”

–  “everything IS getting worse. But everything is also getting better.”

–  “They made sleepy little noises, like the love cries of angel food cakes.”


– “Violence is the dullard’s Breakfast of Champions,…”

–  “Don’t confuse symmetry with balance,” he had answered.

– “…under the same stars, same clouds, same blankets,…Like political candidates, they frequently changed positions.”

– “Religion and politics are unnecessary to the culture – or the individual – that has poetry.”

– “If Sissy is immature, it means she’s still growing; if she’s still growing, it means she’s still alive.”

– “…the man who feels smug in an orderly world has never looked down a volcano.”

– “love is dope, not chicken soup.”

Find this book at Boswell Books or the Milwaukee Public Library!

day 3118, and photos

July 24, 2014

day 3118

I encouraged them
to not worry how it looked –
draw a self-portrait
Today I finished my term of a 4-week MKE Rec Dept children’s photo-workshop. I spent four one-week sessions with groups of kids anywhere from 9-y/o to 14-y/0,  in groups as small as six students and as large as twenty. For today’s final session, as the students are all so interested in taking photos of themselves all the time, I told them they could do that, but they had to do it with markers instead of cameras! I think they did WONDERFULLY!

day 3117

July 23, 2014
day 3117
fetched a wayward ball,
while paddling on the river – 
“You are our hero!”
Last night, I got out on the river with the Milwaukee Kayak Co. for the first time this summer. Hopefully I’ll get out a few more times this summer. It’s such a neat way to see the city and combine relaxing and exercise! 🙂  
While out on the river, Sarah and I saw a boy and his mom at a nearby dock, waving at us and pointing. Looking to my left, I saw a soccer ball floating out in the middle of the river! Apparently he had gotten a little too enthusiastic in his play near the river. I paddled over, scooped the ball up, and brought it over to them at the dock. They were very thankful!
Here’s some snapshots from the rest of the outing! On the way back to dock, we saw Beth, the owner of MKC (in the baseball cap) and one of her employees, Hannah, out on paddle boards!

day 3116

July 21, 2014
day 3116
new students, same talk,
same worries, same hopes – teaching
gives me lots of “feels”