day 3117

day 3117
fetched a wayward ball,
while paddling on the river – 
“You are our hero!”
Last night, I got out on the river with the Milwaukee Kayak Co. for the first time this summer. Hopefully I’ll get out a few more times this summer. It’s such a neat way to see the city and combine relaxing and exercise! 🙂  
While out on the river, Sarah and I saw a boy and his mom at a nearby dock, waving at us and pointing. Looking to my left, I saw a soccer ball floating out in the middle of the river! Apparently he had gotten a little too enthusiastic in his play near the river. I paddled over, scooped the ball up, and brought it over to them at the dock. They were very thankful!
Here’s some snapshots from the rest of the outing! On the way back to dock, we saw Beth, the owner of MKC (in the baseball cap) and one of her employees, Hannah, out on paddle boards!

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