day 3169

November 25, 2014
day 3169
though I knew the truth,
kept glancing at the woman
who wasn’t my friend

day 3166/day 3167/day 3168

November 23, 2014
day 3168
the weather behaved,
it was cool, but none too cold;
the rain stayed away!
day 3167
I checked the forecast;
kept on fretting, worrying
how cold it would be
day 3166
in the laundromat,
old man stood by the window,
watching traffic pass

day 3165

November 12, 2014
day 3165
Maurice offered books
of photographs; he needed
more space for cook-books

day 3164

November 11, 2014
day 3164
in the bus’ wake,
ripples on a dark puddle,
and inspiration

day 3163

November 8, 2014
day 3163
I balanced the board,
on the sink’s edge, and diced up
the vegetables

day 3162

November 6, 2014
day 3162
with tree leaves fallen,
from the bluff’s top, I could see
the river with ease

day 3161

November 3, 2014

day 3161

 with clipboard in-hand,
and sun high in the sky,
I kept on walking