day 3191/3192/3193/3194/3195

day 3191
the cloud-diffused light
defining the chairs, tables
in the donut shop
day 3192
clouds edged in purple,
receiving the light that reached
from the sun’s setting
day 3193
there wasn’t much breeze,
no traffic either; I ran –
just me and the path
day 3194
we talked cameras –
compared the weight, feel, and sound –
and would they inspire?
day 3195
just when I relaxed,
the same worrying problem
returned to plague me

2 Responses to day 3191/3192/3193/3194/3195

  1. Pat says:

    So beautiful, Troy. I can identify with all, except the jogging one. 🙂

    I am here in Seattle at my daughter’s and am about to head to a coffee shop to write some haiku. No kidding.

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