day 3206

February 25, 2015
day 3206
I wasn’t gone long,
but it was enough. I need
to leave more often.

day 3205

February 18, 2015
day 3205
it takes discipline
to go running, but once done
I always feel great

day 3204

February 17, 2015
day 3204
as always happens,
I got tired, but kept moving
and the miles went by

day 3203

February 13, 2015
day 3203
we sat, discussing
how we each could embody
specific fruits, nuts

day 3202

February 12, 2015
day 3202
just a few minutes
was all it took for the cold
to creep through my gloves

day 3201

February 9, 2015
day 3201
it amazes me
how a photo can transport
me to those times past

day 3199 and day 3200!!

February 5, 2015
day 3199

we looked at the snow,
strategized how best to free
her car from the piles
day 3200
I saw the value
in getting up from my desk
and dancing, briefly