day 3227

April 27, 2015

day 3227
sat in the church pew,
watched the young girls and boys walk
to First Communion


day 3226

April 24, 2015
day 3226

 dismayed to see frost
on the cars’ windshields today,
as I went running

day 3223, day 3224, day 3225

April 22, 2015

day 3223
eastern sun shining
plethora of blue flowers
trees starting to bud


day 3224
for a couple hours,
worries and stressors were set down;
stories were picked up


day 3225
as each woman stepped
in front of the camera,
I smiled, they smiled, “snap”!

day 3222

April 15, 2015
day 3222
 again, reminded –
say “I love YOU”, give more hugs –
because time is short

day 3219/day 3220/day 3221

April 14, 2015
day 3219
I tried to exhaust
myself, to see if I had
the needed reserves
day 3220
outside, I hear rain;
inside, actors rehearsing
an upcoming play.
day 3221

I watched the people

as they biked, walked, ran, ambled

down the Oak Leaf Trail.

day 3218

April 3, 2015
day 3218
to her, I remarked:
has any fire escape looked
all that safe, really?