day 3245

June 26, 2015
day 3245
with my head-phones on,
the world on “Mute”, wondering
what they’re all saying.

day 3242/day 3243/day 3244

June 24, 2015
day 3244
of the friends I have,
the one who shares my time most,
is this wooded path
day 3243
I checked the forecast,
saw it better that I run
sooner than later
day 3242
the snapping turtle –
its brown shell, cracked in places –
a survivor’s scars

day 3241

June 15, 2015
day 3241

quickly, carefully,
I stepped down the muddy trail,
while getting rain-soaked

day 3240

June 11, 2015

day 3240
beyond the awning,
I scanned the sky- was it dark?
Would I get my run?

day 3235/day 3236/day 3237/day 3238/day 3239

June 5, 2015
day 3235 
the birds are chirping, 
geese honking, cranes cooing, 
and the tree trunk groaning
day 3236
walked up the street, turned,
and entered Cafe Lulu –
“We need pie, to-go!”
day 3237
started down the trail,
wind and rain couldn’t stop me,
nor stop the bird songs
day 3238
the one thing I know:
every day is a good day
to go for a run
day 3239
I’m being careful,
or trying to be, to not
become a cynic