Troy’s Book Club: “The Graveyard Book”, “ColorWorld”, and “Gone Girl”


OK, I let myself get behind on my “book reports”. Time to catch up! This first half of the year has seen me read a lot of comicbooks (MKE Comicbook), a lot of online news and interest stories, and a few novels – here’s what I’ve gotten through!

I started the year with “Colorworld”, by Rachel E. Kelly, a “real world fantasy” novel – as in, it’s set in the “real world”, but things do occur, people have unexplainable powers. The narrative follows a young woman who develops a dangerous ability (in addition to already having a “emodar”, where she has as an unusual “in-tune-ness” to other people’s emotions). The young woman, through the course of the book, tries get a handle on these new abilities, uncover the underlying motives behind those who are helping her figure them out, and navigate her big feelings for a fellow she meets.

It was an interesting read for me, as while I’m used to reading stories with female protagonists, it was a different experience to read one from a first-person perspective. And especially a first-person perspective from a woman who’s really in touch with her feelings. Took a lil getting used to for me, but ultimately was alright and, I figured, was a neat way to give me a different perspective on things. I learned of this book through Twitter, where I came across Rachel’s tweets, and after really enjoying her presence online, decided to order some of her books!

“Colorworld” is the first in a series, and I have also gotten “Teleworld”, the second book – that’ll get read later this year.


At a networking event, at Boswell Books, I got a copy of  “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman. I’d often heard of this book, and was real eager to read it, but hadn’t gotten around to visiting the Milwaukee Public Library, or Boswell to buy a copy, until now! This book’s premise was intriguing right off the bat – “imagine The Jungle Book, but set in a graveyard.” Holy cow, I was hooked right away.

The story is simply written, but doesn’t feel like a reader is being “written down” to. It’s a fast read, a fun read, and full of compelling mental images.


Early in this summer, after seeing the movie “Gone Girl”, my friend, Emily, said I >had< to read the book that inspired the film. So, kind person that she is, she mailed her copy of “Gone Girl” to me, and I set right to reading it!

The story follows the story of a man who may or may not have murdered his wife. As that tale unfolds, it is contrasted against diary entries from the now-missing wife… Everyone has something to hide, it’s hard to know who’s telling the truth – or just part of the truth. The movie and the book are both really gripping.


Now, I’m in the process of reading Anne Garvin’s “The Dog Year” (again, another book acquired from Boswell Books).


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