Troy’s Book Club: More Baths Less Talking by Nick Hornby

I’ve read many different kinds of books over the years – biographies, fictions of all kinds, romances, autobiographies, self-improvements/motivationals, poetry, and probably literal tons of comicbooks. So, I guess it isn’t that big of a surprise that I would enjoy a book that is a person talking about the books he’s been reading. “More Baths Less Talking” is a collection of Nick Hornby‘s columns for Believer magazine,…from 2010-2011. So yeah, I had a really fun time reading about what Nick Hornby was reading five years ago.

What’s even an even bigger testament to Hornby’s skill as a writer, is that he not only makes each column quite interesting, sprinkled through with such good humor, but that he even finds a way to make this collection of individual columns have a satisfactory “conclusion” when you read the last entry. And there’s now a whole lot of other books, from 2010-11 that I’d like to read, but especially biographies of Montaigne and Charles Dickens. And this, too.



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