day 3318

February 24, 2016
day 3318
leaned in, listened close,
checking for accuracy,
as Marsha read words

day 3316/day 3317

February 22, 2016

day 3316
the time when I run,
is when my my thoughts can settle,
and new ones begin

day 3317
constantly looking
at the trail, avoiding rocks,
finding the best line

day 3315

February 16, 2016

day 3315
the pain in my neck,
reminding me of Monday,

day 3314

February 11, 2016
day 3314
looked to the pic,
back to the paper, picked up
my pencil, began

day 3313

February 7, 2016
day 3313
my light lit the path,
and was soon joined by the sun,
showing me the way

day 3312

February 1, 2016
day 3312
I took quick, small steps,
sought to avoid the puddles,
and just keep moving