day 3331

April 29, 2016
day 3331
as I left the room,
the man called to me, waving,
“…running for office.”

day 3330

April 27, 2016
day 3330
I could see the light,
coming in the far window,
falling on boxes

day 3329

April 19, 2016
day 3329
I looked from one task
to the other, thinking ‘bout
“who needs attention?”

day 3328

April 12, 2016
day 3328
the river flowed downstream,
the two ducks sat silently
on the downed tree trunk

day 3327

April 6, 2016
day 3327
for a couple hours,
I give myself to the screen
and tales of heroes

day 3326/day 3325

April 5, 2016
day 3325
avoided puddles
as best I could, still soaking,
muddying my feet
day 3326
as ever, running
isn’t something I’m good at,
but is good for me