day 3344

June 27, 2016
day 3344
the deadline is up,
time to start teaching again;
try not to stress out

day 3343

June 21, 2016
day 3343
each day, gotta think:
I can make a difference,
and what will I do?

day 3342

June 13, 2016
day 3342
I have run those trails
many times; but still, each run
is a unique one.

day 3341

June 10, 2016
day 3341
I understood Jeff –
“if money is the problem…” –
I must try harder

day 3339/day 3340

June 2, 2016
day 3339
seated in the shade,
before me, passing cars drone;
behind me, the waves.
day 3340
I said to myself,
“make it to that tree,” then said,
“make it to Locust.”