Troy’s Book Club: 11/22/63

July 30, 2016

Growing up, I read a LOT of Stephen King – Pet Sematary, Cujo, Salem’s Lot, Misery, It, The Stand, The Dead Zone, The Talisman, The Tommyknockers, Cycle of the Werewolf (man, he wrote a LOT of books!)… but I haven’t read any Stephen King in quite awhile. I’d heard about this book, but didn’t really know its deal. Then one day, I pulled a complete impulse-buy at a store’s cash register and here we are!

11/22/63 is a time travel story, about a man who wants to try and prevent the assassination of JFK. There’s nothing “spoilery” in that statement, as the cover itself gives a big suggestion about what the story might be dealing with. You can tell though, by looking at the thickness of the book that there is a LOT more going on than just that one aspect to the story. I will say this – it’s a drama, a thriller, a horror story, a love story, oh yeah, and time travel is involved in a novel way. If you enjoyed classic TV like the Twilight Zone, you’ll probably really enjoy this book, too. 🙂

Go get it at the Milwaukee Public Library, or the coolest local bookstore, Boswell Books!



day 3352

July 27, 2016
day 3352
I’m finding it hard
to climb my way from this hole
that’s grown five years deep

day 3348/day 3349/day 3350/day 3351

July 26, 2016
day 3348
How could I focus
their attention on a task
for about three hours?
day 3349
the monthly challenge:
seven days, seven trailruns –
this is how I build
day 3350
The miles matter less,
the more I train. Now my mind
needs training as well.
day 3351
I’m trying to work
she’s reading some comicbooks
he’s playing vid-games

day 3347

July 7, 2016
day 3347
trying to focus
their attention on photos,
though it’s summertime