day 3399

December 30, 2016

day 3399
I angled my feet,
stepped cautiously down the hill,
careful of its ice


day 3398

December 29, 2016
day 3398
looked into the cage,
happy to see the monkey,
sad to see him, too.

day 3396/day 3397

December 26, 2016
day 3397
saw the clock count down;
the wind pushed me with gusto
as I crossed the street
day 3396
stepping through the snow,
getting the day’s mile finished,
enjoying the calm

day 3395

December 21, 2016
day 3395
said nonchalantly,
“Oh yeah, you love Milwaukee,
and you love women…”

day 3392/day 3393/day 3394

December 20, 2016
day 3394
gotta remember,
every dang day is a chance
to make things better
day 3393
setting sun painting
the building’s west side with warmth;
east side going cool.
day 3392
feeling poetic
doesn’t happen every day;
some days: “aww f*ck it”

day 3391

December 10, 2016
day 3391
getting your hopes up
seems like too much risk sometimes;
but what else to do?

day 3389/day 3390

December 8, 2016
day 3389
each day I walked by,
each day I thought, “I should write
a wind-chime haiku”
day 3390
the temp is dropping,
and while I still feel the trail,
there’s firmness to it