Troy’s Book Club: Crenshaw

“Crenshaw”, by Katherine Applegate, is a book aimed at younger readers, but really is enjoyable, I think for readers of any age. It’s written from the point-of-view of a young boy whose family is going through some difficult financial times – his dad has gotten sick, his mom is working multiple part-time jobs, his little sister is annoying …and his long-gone imaginary friend, a giant cat, has just re-appeared. Honestly, with our economy still fragile, and our society increasingly divided, now seemed a serendipitous time to read a story about life-near-poverty.

This book is a quick read for an adult, given the reading-level it was written for, but that seemed appropriate given the age of the main character. It was neat reading the book from his perspective. This book reminded me again of the power of reading to make us all more empathetic, even for fictional characters!

I got my book at Boswell Books, but you can also find it at the Milwaukee Public Library (who have many of Applegate’s other books, too).



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