Movie Log: March-April 2017

Part One of 2017 Movie Log…

  1. 17/03/03: ZOMBEAVERS (2014): an efficient “B” horror movie about some toxic-waste infected beavers attacking a group of isolated co-eds. Everything you would expect it to be and a bit tighter plot than some big-budget films.
  2. 17/03/03: V/H/S 2 (2013): an interesting bit of horror, it’s a series of POV horror vignettes, ranging from zombies to alien abductions to demon-cults and then some. Kinda interesting. I think I’m slowly turning off to horror films, though. I still like a good suspenseful film, but I don’t know I necessarily like horror films as much as I used to.
  3. 17/03/11: RITES OF SPRING (2011): hmm…seems I’m starting this month by clearing out the horror movies in my queue. This one >could< have been a neat horror-heist mashup film, and instead it was just a mess that wasn’t sure how to manage its various elements.
  4. 17/03/12: YOGA HOSERS (2016): this was a fun, silly flick about Canada, forgotten Nazis, two social-media and yoga obsessed teens and I really got a kick out of it. I liked it more when I thought it was just an indie flick and not a Kevin Smith joint, but that’s not a reason to dislike a film. It was odd, funny, and had a mostly coherent plot. So, I dug it!
  5. 17/03/26: ZOOMBIES (2016): A long-while ago, a Twitter friend and I had the idea that there should be a zombie movie based in a zoo. Then, I learned there WAS a movie already like that …and I should have been warned off when I learned it was from the people who made the Sharknado movies. It was bad, but thankfully it wasn’t long.
  6. 17/03/26: DEATHGASM (2015): I don’t know what it is, but New Zealand has a way of turning out amazing, well-written, funny gross horror films. This one about a metalhead who accidentally brings a demon to his town is no exception.

One Response to Movie Log: March-April 2017

  1. Jane Northey says:

    Hi, just got into Haikus myself. I like “what ifs” from March 2014.


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