day 3441/day 3442

April 28, 2017
day 3441
it was so easy
to lie in bed listening
to the rain outside
day 3442
the alarm went off
woke up, considered, reset,
then slept two more hours

day 3440

April 26, 2017
day 3440
though the day started
with brilliant sun, clear skies
were not gonna last

day 3439

April 24, 2017

day 3439
opened the car door,
felt the sun-warmed air rise out
of the car past me

day 3438

April 21, 2017
day 3438
the boy approached me,
asked, “You a photographer?”
and I was unsure

day 3437

April 19, 2017
day 3437
seeing those tendrils
hanging down from gray-blue clouds,
and smelling the rain

day 3436

April 18, 2017

day 3436
creeping through the gap
of curtain and window-frame,
the light from our star

day 3433/day 3434/day 3435

April 13, 2017
day 3435
the alarm clock went off,
heard the rain outside and thought
“I’ll skip today’s run”
day 3434
I started to read,
my eyes quickly glazed over;
you know it’s tax time
day 3433
through the construction,
feeling the wind shove the car,
minding the lane lines