day 3460

July 26, 2017
day 3460
out in the driveway,
in a highchair, the baby
getting a haircut

day 3459

July 25, 2017

day 3459
the drains, both blocked up,
rainwater spilling over,
finding a new path

Troy’s Book Club: The Great and Secret Show

July 25, 2017

Clive Barker has a special place in my reading-lovin’ heart. He created the worlds of Hellraiser and Nightbreed, which have inspired horror film fans for years; he wrote Weaveworld, another novel I’ve been wanting to re-read for quite some time; and when I was an intern at Marvel Comics, the office I worked for oversaw the “Barkerverse“, a family of comics all based on concepts from Clive (from that time, I have a framed photo-stat of a drawing by Clive, of my favorite of those characters – “Ecto-kid“!).

2017-07-25 09.36.49

To me, Barker has that ability in his writing to bring a lot of different variables into play in his horror/fantasy writing. Sometimes there’s just shadows that creep you out, sometimes it’s body-horror, sometimes it’s sex/sexuality-based, sometimes it’s straight-up monsters-who-would-even-think-of-that horror. With “The Great and Secret Show”, Barker created a sprawling epic of good vs. evil, that managed to feel ever large, and also intimate. I suppose that is a common attempt by writers – to make the personal feel all-affecting, like when personal heartbreak “ruins the world” for a person. Too, this book deals a lot with the theme of destiny vs self-determination, nature vs nurture.

With a novel as “game-board”, this particular game has many pieces, and Barker does a swell job of moving them from board-space to board-space – whether that means a back room in a rural post office, an isolated ruin, other dimensions, time-travel, underground caverns, trashy motels, dusty Mexican towns, or decaying Californian suburbs. I was impressed a lot by this novel because it sets up a LOT and it seems that it would be near-impossible for a writer to tie up all those threads by the book’s end. Barker manages to do that though, AND leave room for the story to keep moving on. Really enjoyed it and maybe have to go re-read Ecto-Kid now, and moved Weaveworld up on my To Read list…

2017-07-25 06.54.00


day 3458

July 7, 2017
day 3458
focused on the road,
but kept on glancing westward
to see the huge cloud

day 3456/day 3457

July 4, 2017
day 3456
early for our meet,
I sat in the car, writing
emails and haiku
day 3457
do the fireflies know
how much wonder they inspire
in all who see them?