day 3456/day 3457

July 4, 2017
day 3456
early for our meet,
I sat in the car, writing
emails and haiku
day 3457
do the fireflies know
how much wonder they inspire
in all who see them?

day 3455

June 22, 2017
day 3455
look at the inbox,
and want to ignore it, but
that wouldn’t help things.

day 3454

June 13, 2017
day 3454
I could hardly sleep,
laid there, tired, unwilling
to visit Dreamland

day 3453

June 12, 2017
day 3453
one forever love
will be looking at the moon
high up in the sky

day 3452

June 5, 2017
day 3452
many have said it,
and it’s hard to disagree:
the constant, is change

day 3451

May 30, 2017
day 3451
I marched down the street,
holding the flag, eyes focused
on the parade route

day 3450

May 24, 2017
day 3450
when I’m on the trail,
I try to stay mindful and
just keep on moving