day 3475

October 24, 2017
day 3475
returning felt good,
trail beneath my feet again,
cool rain a’falling.

day 3473/day 3474

October 17, 2017
day 3474
sat at the stoplight,
watching the wind’s evidence
in the nearby trees
day 3473
please, World, let me see
through the lens of gratitude;
every day, thankful.

day 3472

October 9, 2017
day 3472
we fast-walked the night,
our headlamps guiding the way,
we made the miles pass

day 3471

September 28, 2017
day 3471
the kids stood watching
the policemen down the street –
what were they learning?

day 3470

September 19, 2017
day 3470
downtown was hidden
by the warm day’s fog; the sky
was just passing through

day 3469

September 10, 2017
day 3469
listened to them
share their relationship’s tale,
and could feel their love

day 3468/day 3467

September 5, 2017
day 3467
the cone of light shone
on the trail ahead of me;
beyond it – darkness.
day 3468
parking lot litter
says: some have bigger concerns
and some just don’t care