Day 2996

January 4, 2014
Day 2996
I reached for water,
for my paintbrush, and almost
grabbed my wine instead

Day 2963

October 23, 2013
Day 2963
looked at the paintings,
wondered about the stories
embedded in oils

Day 2946

September 24, 2013
Day 2946
through the museum,
I strolled, checking off my list
of needed moments

day 2908

July 26, 2013
Day 2908
I wrote up the plan –
what exhibitions to see
on Gallery Night

Day 2839

April 22, 2013
Day 2839
at the gallery,
I moved about, smiling and
lifting my lens up

Day 2783

January 16, 2013

Day 2783

I asked the students –
What do you write poems about?
“I write about love”

day 2400a/b, and other people’s haikus too

July 28, 2011
Today marks the “official” two-thousand-four-hundredth day of writing haikus for me. I began writing haikus in November 2002. So, it’s taken me a while to get to Day 2400, but here it is; enjoy!
Day 2400a
at the Roman Coin,
rain lightly falling outside,
we talked ’bout art, life
– – – – – –
Day 2400b
lightning from the storm
illuminated my room,
and I thought of Rach