day 3219/day 3220/day 3221

April 14, 2015
day 3219
I tried to exhaust
myself, to see if I had
the needed reserves
day 3220
outside, I hear rain;
inside, actors rehearsing
an upcoming play.
day 3221

I watched the people

as they biked, walked, ran, ambled

down the Oak Leaf Trail.

Day 2921

August 12, 2013
Day 2921
the flurry of birds,
for a second, paced my bike,
then quickly blew past

day 1954

September 25, 2009

day 1954
I tried to push hard,
biking so upon stopping
my head would go light

day 1833

April 7, 2009

day 1833
should be easier,
two laps in and I’m winded,
feeling light-headed