Day 2920a/b/c

August 11, 2013
Day 2920a
gathered for breakfast,
five friends that hadn’t been there
in over ten years
Day 2920b
it was her birthday,
with many friends, family –
no one that I knew
Day 2920c
I straightened my tie,
patted my hair, put on my coat –
ready for my scene

Day 2859

May 24, 2013
Day 2859
after forty years,
feel like I’ve not done enough
and so much to learn

Day 2715

September 9, 2012
Day 2715
we were there, waiting
the honored guest’s arrival
and the world turned on

day 2105

May 21, 2010
day 2105
beside the glass vase,
a group of fallen petals
from birthday flowers

day 2014 and Grandpa’s brandy cake

December 28, 2009

day 2014
Grandpa, ninety-three,
celebrated his birthday
this just-past Sunday

p.s.-Grandpa has had a shot of J. Bavet every night for years and years now.

day 1851/day 1852

May 5, 2009

day 1851

still learning to walk,

thirty-five years old -stumbling –

one day to the next


day 1852

Cinco de Mayo

means only nineteen days left

till it’s my birthday