Day 2854

May 17, 2013
Day 2854
everyone struggles –
to control, to change or challenge;
to accept, move on

Day 2453a/b/c and a photo

September 28, 2011
Day 2453a
I felt the water,
fresh off a leaf, last night’s rain
as a sacrament
– – –
Day 2453b
on the tree’s rough bark,
a silent message for me:
change will be constant
– – –
Day 2453c
each night we all die.
each morning we are all born.
each day, a lifetime
– – –

day 2341a/b

May 23, 2011
day 2341a
Your years don’t matter;
I think we can learn new things
regardless of age
day 2341b
an empty showroom,
young couple inside, holding
onto each other

day 2080 and a relevant photo

April 5, 2010
day 2080
the day’s light changes;
I know rain is coming soon,
but still, such nice light

day 1952

September 23, 2009

day 1952
like yesterday’s light,
the change in our mood – unplanned –
and unfortunate