Day 2766

December 11, 2012
Day 2766
hot drinks being poured,
beans being roasted, currents
of conversations

Day 2765

December 6, 2012
Day 2765
“What’re you having?”
I asked the gal next in line
then paid for her drink

Day 2471

October 18, 2011
Day 2471
at coffee, she said,
“‘Don’t take things personally,’
that one’s tough for me.”

day 2441

September 14, 2011
Day 2441
I saw my heart rate,
in the world, in the clipped pace
of the coffee drip

day 2399

July 27, 2011
day 2399
staring intently,
a nearly-finished cross-word,
coffee-cup in hand

day 2199

November 10, 2010


day 2199

we sat in the tent,

sipping coffee while waiting

our turn on the boat


day 1995

December 1, 2009

day 1995
grind the coffee beans,
slice up the fruit, start the Mac,
a normal morning