day 3223, day 3224, day 3225

April 22, 2015

day 3223
eastern sun shining
plethora of blue flowers
trees starting to bud


day 3224
for a couple hours,
worries and stressors were set down;
stories were picked up


day 3225
as each woman stepped
in front of the camera,
I smiled, they smiled, “snap”!

day 3015/Day 3014

January 31, 2014
Day 3015
around the table,
we discussed how comic books
could help the students
= = = = = =
Day 3014
I, without talking,
communicated my needs,
and bought sheets of stamps

Day 2833

April 6, 2013
Day 2833
we read all the scripts,
and I did my best to be
Daredevil, Batman
= = = = = =
I’ve got an event coming up on May 4th- Free ComicBook Day! I hope you can check this sure-to-be-neat event in Bay View: SPOILERS! Also, if you want to RSVP, here’s the FBook page!

Day 2824

March 23, 2013
Day 2824
I sat on the couch,
transported by ink, paper
to lands far away.

Day 2803

February 18, 2013

Day 2803

we sat quietly
on the couch, each invested
in what we read, saw