day 3291

November 18, 2015
day 3291
asked her the question,
and with the answer, I learned
I didn’t need it.

day 3284

November 8, 2015
day 3284
didn’t realize
even just hearing her name
said aloud would sting

day 3184

January 5, 2015
day 3184
it’s hard to believe
that it’s nearly been four years
since everything changed

day 3143

September 22, 2014
day 3143
it’s still surprising
how easily memories
lead to waterworks

day 3103, day 3104

June 25, 2014
day 3104
A discarded book,
Left unread, on an on-ramp,
Seems a metaphor
day 3103
in a split-second,
the crowd’s confidence, volume
diminished greatly

what ifs

March 4, 2014

I know it’s pointless

but still, I wonder sometimes

where we’d be today.

day 3024/day 3023

February 12, 2014
Day 3024
I’m nearly three years –
one girlfriend, and some dates – past;
I still miss Rachel
Day 3023
I lowered myself,
felt the muscles pull and stretch,
my breath quickening