Day 2966a/b

October 30, 2013
Day 2966a
at the laundromat,
saw an old couple, hoped they’d
been folding sheets for years
Day 2966b
leaves silently fell,
their descent soundtracked by an
unseen violin

Day 2924

August 16, 2013

Day 2924
though the air was warm,
the sun had set and darkness
advanced from the east

Day 2721

September 19, 2012
Day 2721
I opened the door
and witnessed dried leaves and seeds
dropping from the trees

Day 2457a/b

October 2, 2011
Day 2457a
footprints through the frost
migrating geese overhead
an autumn trail-run
– – –
and, about 12 hours later…
– – –
Day 2457b
Gazing at the sky
I feel so small, and quite awed
by the night’s beauty.

day 2439

September 12, 2011
Day 2439
brilliant sun-light,
gusty breezes and the sound
of dry fallen leaves

day 2200a/b

November 11, 2010


day 2200a

awkwardly we walked,

both holding the umbrella,

trying to keep step


day 2200b

up against the fence,

the sun-dried and wind-pressed leaves,

their travels halted


day 2174

September 24, 2010

day 2174

I’m at my desk, but

my ears and mind are outside

with the rustling leaves