day 2412a/b/c

August 14, 2011
Day 2412a
at my desk’s corner,
in a small plastic container,
small metal soldiers
– – – – – –
Day 2412b
seven years ago,
my life changed with a wise-crack
from a cute red-head
– – – – – –
Day 2412c
though we’re miles apart,
she’s in my mind constantly,
never far from thought

day 1986 and an unrelated photo of brussel sprouts

November 19, 2009

day 1986
Tom leaned on the fence,
and told me how the valley
has changed through the years

Sunday, for supper, we made brussel sprouts with cheese, sunflower seeds, and and garlic, and stuffed acorn squash.  Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the sprouts, in progress.


day 1918

July 31, 2009

day 1918
I stepped in the room
and wondered at the stories
all contained therein

day 1806

March 4, 2009

day 1806
I stepped through the door,
unknowingly stepping back –
one hundred years back

day 1782

February 2, 2009

day 1782
I saw history,
tried to imagine being
in the photog’s shoes