Day 2972

November 12, 2013
Day 2972
stepped up on the branch,
edged out over the water,
reached the other side

Day 2799

February 11, 2013
Day 2799
with hesitation
we walked the dog, carefully,
trying not to slip

Day 2797

February 7, 2013
Day 2797
along the river
chunks of broken ice were stacked
all topsy-turvy

day 2231/day 2232a/day 2232b

December 28, 2010

day 2231

outside, the cornstalks,

sihouetted by the light,

swaying back and forth



day 2232a

where it wasn’t ice,

the geese sat calmly paddling

against the current

day 2232b

as I ran, I heard

a long, low rumble; I paused

as the train passed by



day 2061, day 2062

March 2, 2010

day 2061
the meter, downspout,
all coated in ice formed by
the morning’s snow-melt

day 2062
standing by the curb,
a man flicked his butt; his dog
piddled on the snow

day 2037

January 27, 2010

day 2037
adjusted my pace,
when I saw the icy stretch
I was headed for

day 2026

January 11, 2010

day 2026
rather frustrating
that the only place ice forms
is by the back door